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At Pioneer, providing state of the art technology is just the beginning; getting the most from your system means delivering exceptional service and support to your team. When you partner with Pioneer, we’ll work side by side with your office - listening, responding, and delivering real world solutions while meeting the needs of your staff and the public.

Our paperless court, official records, tax processing, medical scanning, and title insurance systems are all supported by experienced, informed professionals who know your system, your processes, and often even know you by name. At Pioneer, we take your support personally - because your success is our success. Read More

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Toll Free: (800) 280 5281 Phone: (407) 321 7434

About PTG

About Pioneer Technology Group
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All across our great country, local and county governments are struggling to offer government services during a period of flat or declining revenues. Pioneer Technology Group (PTG) is a privately-owned software development company that is meeting this challenge head on, providing targeted software solutions that increase productivity, improve delivery and reduce costs across a wide spectrum of government institutions.

At PTG, we help you do more with less.

Pioneer Technology Group

Pioneer Technology Group

Diverse Experience

Simply put, our leadership team has the skills and the fortitude to make your government function better. Together, we bring more than a century of combined experience to work every day, solving real-world challenges… helping you do more with less.

Our principals have a long and varied career working with counties and the Department of Revenue, including more than 25 years working side-by-side. So we’re fluent in the rules, laws and technologies that you contend with every day. With PTG, there’s no learning curve. We hit the ground running with proven solutions that improve workflow and increase productivity.

In addition, PTG provides consulting services in the areas of electronic document transmission, recording and management.

Leading Edge Technology

At PTG, we don’t aim to be all things to all people. We provide specialized software solutions to meet the real-world needs of county and local government nationwide.

Whether you need to streamline operations in tax collection and appeals, land-records management or in your court systems, PTG can help. We’re experts in system design and development, integration and implementation. But we don’t rest on our past success. Our development staff constantly monitors and adopts new industry innovations and creates ground-breaking products to keep our clientele on the forefront of government technology.

Of course, the true mark of good technology is whether or not people actually use it. At PTG, we pride ourselves on creating software that’s intuitive and simple to use while making life easier for the people who use it every day.


Unparalled Service

Creating advanced, easy-to-use software solutions requires open, two-way communication. That’s why, at PTG, our customers are more than just customers; they’re part of the development team. Because we know the best results come from collaborating with end users, we’re constantly engaging our customers, asking for input and testing new ideas.

After installation, PTG provides continual support through all phases, including software maintenance, version upgrades, technical support and dedicated personnel. By partnering with our client and providing limitless, in-depth support, we lead the industry in customer service. It’s one reason why we’ve never lost a client. And if it’s up to us, we never will. We are firmly and wholly committed to your success.

Let us show you how our breakthrough software solutions and enterprise government systems help governments cut waste, speed delivery, reduce costs and increase satisfaction.


The Pioneer team has demonstrated a long and consistent ability to create new and exciting technologies. While the Company names have changed over the years, the people have not. In today’s world of constantly changing names and faces, it is comforting to know that we have all stuck together and continue to have a drive and passion for this business.

Our work experiences and the products we have developed are outlined throughout this site, but our best calling cards are the current products we offer and the customers we serve. We believe that a fair and impartial sampling of both will lead you to the right decision. We thank you for the opportunity to serve your organization.