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Simplify Your Property Tax Appeals

Axia gives your office:

    StarInstant access

    Secure, Web-based access for taxpayers, appraisers, the Value Adjustment Board (VAB), Board of Appeals, and the Board of Equalization. Your hearings become paperless, and Special magistrates can simply submit electronic worksheets. Easy, secure access for everyone who has a stake in the case – 24/7/365.


    Multiple payment methods are accepted online, reducing processing costs and quickly crediting revenue to your accounts.

    StarFlexible scheduling

    Axia makes scheduling appeals and getting all parties together easy. You can set Axia to automatically schedule hearings based on appeal type and availability of magistrates and hearing rooms. Appealsneeding special attention can be adjusted manually any time you want.

    StarReal-time functionality

    New documents are instantly available to all parties. What’s more, Axia maintains a full audit trail on every document and image, and allows redaction to comply with confidentiality statutes. Fully customizable reports and Tracking and retrieving all of your historical information is always just a few clicks away.

    StarDependable sequencing

    Axia takes the guesswork out of sequential numbering. Whether you have a single location or dozens of offices, Axia assigns each appeal a unique sequential number and allows you to effortlessly take the guesswork out of numbering.

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