Gulf County, Fl Signs To Implement Excise, The Tourist Tax System From Pioneer Technology Group

Gulf County, Fl Signs To Implement Excise, The Tourist Tax System From Pioneer Technology Group

Gulf County’s Tax Collector’s office is set to streamline processes with the implementation of new tourist tax system, Excise.

Gulf County Florida has chosen Pioneer Technology Group’s Excise tax system as a means to automate and streamline their current tourist tax registration, payment, and reporting processes. The system being implemented will modernize Gulf County’s Tax collector’s office and allow it to bring unrivaled service for not only residents of Gulf County but visitors as well.

Excise is a web based tax solution that allows for tourist tax registration, tracking, online remittance of payments, and easy reporting. Excise will also provide taxpayers with a secure web portal where in account holders will have access to log on, view, and calculate the amount of tax as well as any interest and penalties due on their account.

Ryan Crowley, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing had this to say: “Pioneer has been leading the effort to modernize Tourist Tax management and collection in Florida for a decade, we are excited to add Gulf County to the growing family of Pioneer Customers.”

Excise will give Gulf County the ability to tightly manage the monthly returns and provide a variety of audit reports saving the County and Tax payers time and money. Gulf County will be Pioneer Technology Group’s 10th customer in Florida to adopt Excise. Currently Gulf County uses excel spreadsheets to keep track of all their tax information. Excise’s implementation will be a welcome change for both Gulf County’s Tax Collectors office and the taxpayers they provide services to.

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