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At Pioneer, providing state of the art technology is just the beginning; getting the most from your system means delivering exceptional service and support to your team. When you partner with Pioneer, we’ll work side by side with your office - listening, responding, and delivering real world solutions while meeting the needs of your staff and the public.

Our paperless court, official records, tax processing, medical scanning, and title insurance systems are all supported by experienced, informed professionals who know your system, your processes, and often even know you by name. At Pioneer, we take your support personally - because your success is our success. Read More

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One Pioneer

Take Care of the Customer and the Customer will Take Care of You!
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One Pioneer

Pioneer's management believes that it must continually adapt in order to ensure the success of each of their customers. To that end, they are rethinking the support process. The One Pioneer initiative will break down walls between departments, facilitating faster ticket resolution. This new workflow process involves bringing in staff from outside the Help Desk, putting a pool of specialized information at the Support Team's beck and call. Positive changes to the customer experience are will come from One Pioneer's streamlining. Ticket responses will be faster than ever before. Integration and re-organization will lead to an effective doubling of their incident resolution capabilities. Further, this change is effective in Pioneer's entire product line – Benchmark, Landmark, Axia, Excise, YourDox, and Jurymark.

The process will start the same way it always has: with an incoming ticket triaged and entered into OnTime. Support managers will review every open incident as they usually do, but from here, everything changes. The Support Manager will assign tickets to team members they feel are best suited to address them. As of the old system, the entire Help Desk would be assigned a pool of high-priority tickets. Employees would choose tickets themselves on a first-come, first-served basis. While they have a good idea of which ones they are best suited to address, the new system will save them the time of going through the available tickets themselves. With each ticket assigned to a specific person best suited to solve it, the customer can expect a response that much faster. However, there is still the possibility that the answer will be too complex for the Support team to handle on its own – this is where the One Pioneer system takes over.





Open Incident - Workflow


Benefits of One Pioneer:

    StarEvery Pioneer is working together to provide exceptional service to you at all times
    StarIncidents reviewed by product and customer with priority
    StarMax ticket count enforced ensuring you never have too many tickets open at once
    StarDev Team made aware ahead of time of common code changes needed
    StarTicket backlogs are a thing of the past

One Pioneer weaves the specific expertise of separate departments with the knowledge of customer needs that only Support can bring to the table. One Pioneer doesn’t just involve Development. Every department in Pioneer is involved – particularly Implementation, Forms & Reports, Programming / Development, and Support. Team Leaders meet regarding ticket resolution in a Weekly Management Review session to ensure customer satisfaction is achieved each and every day!

"Take care of the customer, and the customer will take care of you." Pioneer has been committed to these words since its inception. Periodically rethinking its approach to Support ensures that its Help Desk continues to adapt, and that customers will continue to receive quality assistance going forward. With a doubling of Support capabilities, One Pioneer represents the next evolution in the company's ability to address customer needs. Pioneer hopes that their positive relationships with clients will continue for decades to come.