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At Pioneer, providing state of the art technology is just the beginning; getting the most from your system means delivering exceptional service and support to your team. When you partner with Pioneer, we’ll work side by side with your office - listening, responding, and delivering real world solutions while meeting the needs of your staff and the public.

Our paperless court, official records, tax processing, medical scanning, and title insurance systems are all supported by experienced, informed professionals who know your system, your processes, and often even know you by name. At Pioneer, we take your support personally - because your success is our success. Read More

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Document Scanning Imaging and Storage

Become a Pioneer with PRM – Your Paperless Solution

    StarMedi-Scan – Secure medical records scanning and conversion services. Digital patient files uploaded directly to EMR/EHR system

    StarSecure paper file and box storage with on-demand access

    StarCertified shredding and destruction services

    StarDigital imaging of paper, microfilm, or microfiche

    StarConversion of all government records formats to multiple paperless file management systems

    StarSecure paper file and box storage with on-demand access, retrieval and delivery

    StarCertified shredding and destruction services for confidential files and information

    StarSecure paper file and box storage with on-demand access, retrieval and delivery

    StarCertified shredding and destruction services for confidential files and information

    StarIndustrial project imaging and secure platforms for multi-location access to images and information

    StarConversion of microfilm, microfiche, large format drawings, blueprints

    StarConversion of multi-system historical data, providing single system access for old information

    StarRecovery and restoration of public documents that deteriorated or have been partially destroyed

    StarSecure paper file and box storage with on-demand access, retrieval and delivery

    StarCertified shredding and destruction services for confidential files and information

Need a better answer for your paper files and documents? At Pioneer Records Management, our experts have provided paperless solutions to thousands of businesses, medical practices, government offices, and industries of every type and size. Over 50 years of experience means that we can fix your “paper problem” - no matter how large it may be - saving you time and money now and for years to come.

There are lots of advantages to converting your business, medical practice, and government office or records room to a paperless system. In addition to immediately making you more efficient, you’ll realize significant cost savings throughout your entire organization. Your office with reduce time and labor, save paper costs, improve customer service and response times, and free up valuable square footage for more productive (income producing!) purposes.

If you’re considering your paperless options, let the experts at Pioneer show you how simple your conversion can be. Just give us a call at 800 280 5281 or fill out the demo form below for more information or an estimate on how much you’ll save by going paperless.

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PRM Quote

PRM Quote

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your documents are never more than a few keystrokes or a phone call away. If your documents have already been scanned and loaded into the software of your choice you can access them through your system. If they have not been uploaded yet, just give us a call. We will be happy to pull the particular document you need, scan and email it to you shortly after your call.
No, you don’t HAVE to. Keeping the paper is a personal decision but the important part of the document is the information not the actual paper. We have dealt with a lot of customers that decided they were going to keep the paper ‘just in case’. Eventually, without fail, all of those customers got comfortable with the digital versions and realized the paper was just taking up space and destroyed it. Interesting note : Did you know that some of the most important documents in an organized society are those that track ownership of property aka- land records; it’s extremely important to know who owns what. In Florida the Clerk of the Court is the record keeper of these documents. When an ‘official copy’ of the document is requested it is printed from the digital file not pulled from the paper file, in fact the majority of Clerk’s destroy the paper copy immediately after scanning.
You are correct, scanning is not rocket science but there is more to it than most people think. The scanners that we use are commercial grade, high speed scanners. They are significantly more sensitive providing higher quality scans at a much faster speed. Most all-in-one office-hub machines can scan at speeds between 45-70 pages per minute (ppm) and are prone to mis-feed with the smallest paper shift. We run our scanners between 120-135 ppm and have an operator verifying that each and every page gets scanned properly. Speed is important but should not sacrifice quality. If you want a clear start and finish to your project rather than something that will drag on for years without an end in sight, using commercial scanners is the best route.
We care. We know our customers and they know us. Our customers are not numbers they are people that are trying to find real, usable efficiencies that translate in to a increased bottom line. We pride ourselves on our ability to go above and beyond our customers’ expectations. Our turnaround time is second to none; when customers call they get a real person on the phone, not an automated message. We enjoy helping our customers customize the right solution for their individual needs. The best answer to this question is, call our current customers and ask them what they think of Pioneer.
Index is defined as: A list of keywords associated with a record or document, used especially as an aid in searching for information. Indexing is the data entry we do after scanning the document to capture key pieces of information. The index allows you to quickly find the exact document you are looking for. There will always be at least 1 index point but there can be several, we will assist in designing the appropriate indexing for your project.
The cost will differ with the project but is typically done on a per document basis. We routinely set a monthly budget with customers in order to systematically work through even the biggest projects. We are happy to provide a free consultation to evaluate your project, make suggestions for improving your workflow and provide an estimate. If you decide to use our services great, if not, at least you have better understanding of the process and cost associated with going paperless.
The time frame will vary with the size of the project; however we have the capacity to significantly increase production allowing even the largest projects to be tackled with quality and speed. Typical project length is less than a month.
Pioneer Records Management is the new name that came with new ownership in 2008. The team and business was formerly Records Management Systems (RMS) and began operations in 1987.
Pioneer Records Management does all scanning at the Sanford, FL HQ or onsite at the customer’s office. Processing and indexing also takes place at HQ. Your information will not be sent overseas or even out of state.